How can I be a member or Ripples Foundation?

Register with our office or on the website.

How can I get a child sponsored by your foundation?

Register the child with the Foundation giving details on why the child should be sponsored.

How can I donate for Ripples Foundation?

You can donate through flutter wave electronic transfer or wire transfer direct to our bank account.

Where are you from?

Our NGO is based in Kampala but supports children and people from different communities and regions

How can I be a volunteer/ intern at your foundation?

Download an application form from our website to apply and send it to info@theripplesfoundation.org

Can I donate using paypal?

At the moment NO, but we are yet to acquire a paypal account

Is Ripples Foundation an NGO?

Yes, Ripples Foundation is a Voluntary organizations (VOs) / Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO).

What does Ripples foundation do?

Ripples Foundation is a charity initiative with a mission to further spread love & kindness to vulnerable children such as orphans, the sick, the needy and disabled through fundraising for, and donating to charitable causes.